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  • Committed to Love is an extraordinary read, a love letter; unlike any book, I have ever read. Oh, that we, as human beings, could learn to love as she did; to understand the true meaning of marriage and commitment. Committed to Love was heart-wrenching, yet the authenticity with which the author told her story guided me through each chapter where I found myself flooded by a sea of vast emotions.Susan’s words: “The truth was all we had left,” caused me to stay, feeling like I was sitting on the bottom of the ocean’s floor, breathless, turning the pages; captivated. I felt like I was there, traveling through time, flying high to New York, and then frightened and angry at the news of the doctor’s grim report. The author’s writing style allowed me access in the hospital with her and Jeff; I felt both grateful and sad, watching as she stood by his bedside. Transfixed, I witnessed waves of emotions crashing into her because of the awesomeness of her decision to stay, to care, to serve, and to remain, committed to love.
    Thank you, Susan. Your story raises the standard, not only for our commitment to marriage but also for our connectedness to our humanity. I will read this treasure again and again.
  • “I have the highest praise for this debut novel by Susan Mintz titled, Committed To Love. Her story is one that is truly made for a Hollywood film and I could not stop reading it. Susan takes the reader on a journey that is remarkable. The dedication that she had for her husband Jeffrey is amazing, even following his admission of infidelity and subsequent passing from AIDS. She has taken this story of heartbreak and turned it into one of resilience. I commend her for all of the advocacy work that she does for hospice care and safe sex practices. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a great love story with a real purpose.” Janet Fanaki, Creator of RESILIENT PEOPLE
  • Susan’s experience exhibits true love. The God kind of love that looks beyond faults and see the need. Marriage brings many twists and turns, but its at these decision points that demonstrates our faith in God and his delivering power. Susan’s test of love has truly yielded a testimony to encourage others to press through those difficult times relying on the Grace of God. Proving that the love of God truly conquers all.Thank you Susan for sharing your story with the world. This book is awesome and instantly draws you in. When I started reading it, I could not put it down, as I felt as if I was right there in real time. I highly recommend this book!!!!!! Sandra Harrigan-Thompson
  • Awesome Read… Til death do us part certainly has new meaning. Wow!!!
  • I am Motivated and Encouraged by Susan’s story! God Bless!
  • This is a story like no other and I couldn’t put the book down. The author really poured her heart and soul onto the page and it is FULL of emotion. You may have heard the words “Til’ Death Do Us Part”, but you really don’t know what it means until you read her story! She experiences every wife’s nightmare, but somehow uses her Faith to pull her through it all (which is a lot). The book takes us from the past to the present and touches on love, infidelity, trust, friendship, sickness and loss, and left me wondering if I would do what she did for her husband if I was in her shoes. Well, the author took those vows seriously and was truly Committed to Love, and her story is simply unbelievable.
  • This was a great read and relevant to the time we are currently living in as a culture. Unconditional love and committment are long lost sentiments in today’s world where convenience and virtual reality have become the norm. Susan’s story is powerful and will change the lives of people who decide to pick this book up and read it. She demonstrates to the reader how her faith kept her grounded, how changing your thoughts can change any situation into a positive, and how committment is the foundation to a purpose filled life. The story is very compelling and is a guide post for others who are going through the throes of life, and need guidance on how to overcome the hardships and not just move on with life, but actually thrive, and still be loving and of service to those around them. This book is worth so much more than the cost of purchasing it.
  • This book is life transforming! I’ve heard the story before but actually reading this book caused me to take a pause and evaluate what love and commitment meant to me and my partner! I love the raw emotion, the anecdotes, and I was captivated by the highs and the lows this once power couple experienced together! Grab a snack, some Kleenex and a glass of vino. This is a read you don’t want to pass up!
  • Susan’s a prolific writer, speaker, and supporter of HIV/AIDS. Her emotional story is both inspirational and hopeful and has impacted many already. Buy her book, all of them, to support her efforts to reach even more with this touching story.


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